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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jab Jab Posse & King Kong Disko - Jab Molassie J'Ouvert Jam

A Jab Molassie J’ouvert Jam, yeah definately! So we finally implemented our plan to do a Soca
concept mix that exclusively deals with a very special cultural aspect of Carnival. I’m talking about all the dirty stuff. Playing J’ouvert, paint, mud and powder, fake blood, you name it.
This mix was done as collaboration with the Germany based mas band Jab Jab Posse. This group of
masqueraders is spreading joy (and terror) as Blue Devils at continental European carnivals like Berlin or Rotterdam for instance. King Kong Disko is part of this performance group for quite some years now and thus very much involved in celebrating the whole Jab Jab thing in Europe.
In this lively jam, we feature all our favorite tunes that deal with the topic of playing J’ouvert and
Jab Jab. Unlike the typical Soca thing, where mixes usually deal with the carnival season of a specific
year, this one features music reaching from the late 90s to the present. Classic Trinidad J’ouvert
Jams, iron sections galore and lots of wild and scary Grenada material. Nuff Anthems!

Yuh mad or wha?

1. 3 Canal - Blue
2. Benjai feat. Scarface - Tanty say
3. Surface - Mud & Oil
4. Traffik - J’ouvert Morning
5. Hunter & Laventille Riddim Section - J’ouvert
6. Ghetto Flex - J’ouvert Paradise
7. Machel Montano & Xtatic - Powder Puff
8. Traffik - J’ouvert Jump Up
9. Tallpree, Machel Montano &Peter Minshall - Jab Jab
10. Tallpree & Allison Hinds - Jab Jab Crew
11. Tallpree - Wicked Jab
12. Tallpree - Jab All Over
13. 4Brass - Sapodilla
14. Inspector Vision - Tell me why
15. Adrian Lenz - Cover me
16. Ello - Jab Jab
17. Synnah - Ten Jab Commandments
18. Livingston Pierre - Jab no eat
19. Synnah - Don’t touch my Saltfish
20. Mr. Vybe - Jab Jab
21. Iwer George - Come to meh
22. Iwer George - Jab (No Pain)
23. Tallpree - Jab Signature
24. Boyzie - How all you so dirty
25. Devyn - Jab Jab Dance
26. Machel Montano & Tasha - Jab Jab
27. Shadow - Pay the Devil
28. Laventille Riddim Section - Jab Jab

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