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Sunday, October 28, 2012

King Kong Disko - Calypso mi Love 2

Over the last few months we have been digging through our vinyl crates, compiling a new heavy
weight 2 hour collectors mix for our “Calypso Mi Love” Series. So here is Part 2!!!
This time we focused on releases reaching from the hilarious Kaiso storytelling of the 1950s and
60s to the proto Soca Carnival Madness of the late 1970s. Most of that stuff is classical and rare
Trinidadian material but we also featured a lot of great tunes from other carribean islands such
as Jamaica or the Bahamas. The second half of the mix is very energetic and uptempo, containing
loads of incredible iron- and brass sections to give you a little idea of how todays carnival sound was
developed over several decades. Nowadays, some of that material is probably better known through
adaptions by modern artists like Machel Montano or Iwer George. Being familiar with those “more
recent” hits, it is even more fun to discover how far the origins of certain anthems actually date back
in carribean music history.


01. Duke - What is Calypso
02. Calypso Rose - What is smut
03. Lord Kitchener - My Pussin
04. Mighty Sparrow - Sell The Pussy
05. Lord Creator - Pussy Cat
06. Young Killer - Tiger in your Tank
07. Conqueror - What confuses the world today
08. Mighty Spoiler - Funeral Undertaker
09. The Roaring Lion - Jouvert Barrio
10. The Fabulous McClevertys - Roocombey
11. Harry Belafonte - Zombie Jamborie
12. Lord Kitchener - Old Lady walk a mile
13. Lord Nelson - Calamity
14. Mighty Panther - Panther is going to the moon
15. Mighty Panther - Chinese Children
16. Calypso Mama - Ask me why I run
17. Calypso Mama - Gin and Coconut Water
18. Lord Bryner - Who put the pepper in the vaseline
19. Byron Lee & the Dragonairies feat. Patsy - Fire in your wire
20. Calypso Rose - The Bicycle
21. Honey Boy Martin - Hey Leroy, your Mama is callin’ you
22. Monty Norman - Jamaica jump up
23. Gemini Brass Band - Higher and higher
24. Gemini Brass Band - Carnival Scenery
25. Ellie Matt - Drunken Mas
26. Mighty Sparrow - Marihuana
27. Mighty Sparrow - Bois Bande
28. Mighty Sparrow - Shango Man
29. Lord Nelson - Shango
30. Lord Nelson - All day and all night
31. Winthrop Thomas & Five Fingers - No money no Mas
32. Singing Francine - Mr. Carnival
33. Shadow - Ah Come out to play
34. Shadow - Bass Man
35. Nap Hepburn - Trinidad is Boss
36. Lord Nelson - Send them back
37. Mighty Panther - My travels


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