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Sunday, June 24, 2012

King Kong Disko - Calypso Mi Love

Calypso. A genre that stands for vibes and witty Lyrics like no other.

After having worked in a Caribbean record store for almost a decade and several trips to Trinidad I
piled up quite a lot of excellent Calypso records over the years. So finally here’s a massive King Kong
Disko 2 hour vinyl mix with lots of our favorites. Big time classics and lots of rare singles that I never
heard anyone else play anywhere, reaching from the late 50s to the 80s. Three decades full of lyrical
wit and ambiguity. Stories about what can happen to you when you make out on a cemetery, singers
that get kidnapped by aliens, right in the middle of carnival and very weird explanations why Chinese
people never die!!! I also included a little pan special for those of you who are into the steel drum
This time, we decided not to do too much of mixing here, because I just know that my friends among
Trinidad’s senior citizens wouldn’t really want me to do that. So for now, That’s Played Out!

Carnival culture to di Maxx! Enjoy.

01. Lord Creator - Big Bamboo
02. Lord Invader - Reeperbahn
03. Mighty Sparrow - Congoman
04. Lord Kitchener - Love in the cemetery
05. Mighty Conqueror - Pussin Eaters
06. King Radio - Chinese Children
07. Lord Hawk - All Meat is Meat
08. Lord Melody - Monday is Mass
09. Mighty Tranquil - Funky Family
10. Nora Dean - You will get a man
11. Calypso Rose - Hotpants
12. Calypso Rose - Don’t ban di Carnival
13. Fats greene - Shake em’ up
14. ambalasie - Jab Jab
15. Shadow - The Alien
16. Mighty Sparrow - Witchdoctor
17. Mighty Sparrow - King Kong
18. Mighty Sparrow - Pan Jam Fete
19. Lord Kitchener - Sugar Bum Bum
20. Blue Boy - Soca Baptist
21. Blue Boy - Dirty Music
22. Black Stalin - Bun Dem
23. Tambu Herbert - Free Up
24. Explainer - Lorraine (Extended 12” Version)
25. Explainer - Vex Money
26. Explainer - Panorama Day
27. Duke - Pan is beautiful
28. Charlie’s Roots - The Hammer
29. Black Stalin - Kaiso Music
30. David Rudder - Calypso

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