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Friday, September 2, 2011

Studio One-Mix Lionhearts, 24.08.2011

1. Willie Williams: Burn
2. Devon Russel: Make Me Believe
3. Jackie Mittoo: Midnight Special
4. Nina Soul: Barb Wire
5. Sadiki: What Would Yo Do
6. Barry Brown: Give Me Love
7. Tommy McCook: Tunnel One
8. Edi Fitzroy: Freedom Fighter
9. Gappy Ranks: Put The Stereo On
10. Owen Gray: Carpenter
11. Kentrus: It A Fi Bun
12. Ben Bow: Mama Lulu
13. Heptones: Mama
14. Jo Jo Mac: Good Girl Gone Bad
15. The Jays: Hug And Kiss
16. The Jays: You’ll Never Get Away
17. Bob Andy: Unchained
18. The Silvertones: Make A Joyfull Noise
19. Donna V: Cry For Tomorow
20. Dolly Man: Trigger Happy
21. Barry Brown: Bad Boys
22. The Silvertones: Bad Boy Bad Boy
23. Super & Sleepy: Enemy
24. Denice Darlington: War No Right
25. Tyrone Evans: How Sweet It Is
26. Otis Gayle: I’ll Be Around
27. Johnny Osbourne: We Need Love
28. Dub Specialist: Luanda
29. Frankie Paul: Caroline
30. Willie Williams: No One Can Stop Us

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  1. could you please repost the mix?
    one love from germany,